Causes we support


The St. Moritz Golf Club is the home club on Kulm Golf. Founded in 2002, the club now has around 300 members.
Golfers discovered Kulmpark 125 years ago as a golf landscape that rises far above the small norms of the everyday and is very popular.

For several years now, we have sponsored golf tournaments. This year, it takes place on 6 September 2023.
Open Doors
Architecture for all

Every year at the end of June, Bergell and Engadin open their doors for a weekend.   Everyone is then invited to take a look behind the façades of outstanding buildings from a wide variety of eras and to rediscover countless places.

Inside the buildings, architects and experts provide first-hand information on the background to the buildings. The event is organised by the association Open Doors Engadin – Architektur für alle that helps to share knowledge with the general public about architecture and its importance in the development of our living space.

Impressions and summary:
La Diagonela

Conceived back in 2014 to fill the January gap in the calendar of top events.

Today, Engadin La Diagonela welcomes over 1,200 participants to its cross-country ski race and offers three different distances: in addition to La Diagonela with 55 km, these are also La Pachifica with 27 km and La Cuorta with 11 km. Engadin La Diagonela always takes place on the third weekend in January.

We're «Gold Gönner» sponsors and are also involved in the organising committee.

PluSport has been committed to people with disabilities and their sport since 1960. Today, it is a competence centre for sport, disability and inclusion.

Every December, PluSport organises the FIS Para World Cup in St. Moritz together with St. Moritz tourist information centre. The para-ski races are held on the famous Salastrains world cup course with the involvement of around 100 athletes.
Lorena Cadalbert
Mountain biker

There’s lots new for Lorena this year. She’s moved up to the U23 category and is competing for Team Fehr Velos. So she can now be spotted in yellow and blue on a Scott bike. The move to the U23s is a big change. The races are much longer and she always has to compete against the elite at national races, meaning a very high level of racing. She’s looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead, though. We are too and wish her all the best – hopp Lorena! You guessed right:

Lorena’s last name is no coincidence! We get to support a family member here (niece!).
Martina Faggi

Martina is 16 years old and competes in the girls U18 category. She says of herself: “Athletics are my life.” One goal for this season is to qualify for the long jump at the European Youth Olympic Festival (EYOF). She needs to manage a distance of at least 5.85 m for this. Another of her goals is to finish in the top three at the Swiss championships. She’s now training high jump again and has learned a new technique for the long jump.

Martina’s medium- and long-term goals:
  • meet the European championship requirement for the long jump (2023)
  • qualify for the long jump at the EYOF
  • top three at the Swiss championships
  • make the national squad

Martina is also part of our family (another niece!) and we’re delighted to be able to support her.
Team Follador

The vision of the Engadin Follador bob team is clear: the 2026 Olympic Games!
EHC St. Moritz

Established in 1918, EHC St. Moritz is one of the oldest ice hockey clubs in the country that still plays in the official Swiss championship.

The club faces great challenges, both financially and in terms of its infrastructure. Coping with the ever-growing demands of the Swiss Ice Hockey Federation is not a sprint, but a marathon.
FC Celerina football camp

Since its inception, the Celerina football camp has been a permanent fixture in Engadin’s summer holiday programme, attracting children and young people from all over the valley and beyond.

Around 120 participants, 22 trainers and just as many helpers are involved in the camp.
Year-end donations

In addition to the long-term support detailed above, we also decide each year at the end of the year on one special project to support.

2022: Caritas Graubünden 
One Caritas project is the market in Chur, for example, which offers people on a tight budget food at very low prices.

2021: Tischlein deck dich «Food Rescue - Food Aid» Our donation went to the repurposed food centre in Samedan.

2020: Movimento
Movimento is a private institution for adults with disabilities. The association operates three centres (in Samedan, Poschiavo and Scuol) and offers sheltered employment, day places and residential places.